Thursday, June 30, 2011

The book stack never diminishes

An update on what I'm reading and what I've picked up of late. My book stack is teetering! Nom nom book lists!

I was reading a recommended reading list by NK Jemisin, where she gushed about this book, and I thought I'd give it a go. I'm not usually a fan of urban fantasy, but Griffin's intricate details about finding magic in the smallest and grimiest of city living was fascinating.

Wilhelm is an author I've had on my "must read women SFF writers" list for a while now. One of the books I picked up on my recent trip to Wellington.

Ditto on Lisa Tuttle.

I find Gwyneth Jones dense and quite the mind screw, but I'm persisting.

I used to own the complete omnibus of Cherryh's Chanur saga but it seems to have taken a wander. In all my scouring of "must read women SFF" lists, this one keeps coming up recommended.

I liked "The Parable of the Sower" so much, that I wanted to read more of Butler.

'Coz there's still a little bit of a Jericho-holic left in me, baby!

Because I wanted a sampling of Mieville's short fiction. I didn't finish them all, but got a great taster for his beautiful, dark prose. I've found his novels harder to get into, but I'll keep persisting until I find one that completely sucks me in.

Another one from my venture into Arty Bees.

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