Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lookit! The paperback edition of "Tales For Canterbury" is available!

The cover of Tales For Canterbury, a bent over tree with two white doves

A table of contents listing the stories in Tales For Canterbury, with My Dad The Tuatara prominent
Double Squee!

The author peeks over the top of a book, open to the first page of her story
Squee ice cream, eaten with a squee spoon, with squee sauce and a squee cherry on top!
 If you'd like your own copy of "Tales for Canterbury" (paperback or e-book) and to help out fundraising for Red Cross Christchurch Earthquake Appeal, order your copy now through Random Static.


  1. I have 3 or 4 (can't remember now) on order. Can't wait! some of my rellies from NZ will be getting it for a present this year.

  2. Amazing what having a fucked monitor on my laptop can do. The photo of you with the book has your hair pulsating bright red. It seems to be the new black.

    But I'm naughty - I still haven't ordered my copy.

  3. I can't be too sure but Anna and Cassie were trying to line up some local Wellington outlets to sell copies? I could be dreaming...

    I got 3 copies - 1 for each set of parentals and my own copy to stroke, cuddle, love and call it Bob :)