Wednesday, June 15, 2011

There, I Fixed It For You: Christchurch Earthquake Bingo Edition

Want to be a condescending jerk? Thinking that you lack the opportunity to tell Christchurch people how they really should feel? Or do you simply want to drum up page views with a little controversy? Just rock (see my pun there?) on into any open commentary thread about Christchurch and let the unempathetic, uninformed bullshit fly!

To help you wade through the tidal wave of bile, I've created for you a commenting Bingo Card. Fill it up and you win a free trip* to the shaky city where you can hang out with all us lucky whingers and bathe in the liquefaction and sewerage, enjoy driving on broken roads, and try to salvage your home/job/life/humanity here!


Clicky through for bigger version. A Bingo Card you can use while parsing commentary about Christchurch and the earthquakes. Happy playing!

*Not an actual prize. Srsly. Sheesh.


  1. Love it!! May have to print out several - just for the lolz :)


  2. Sorry you have to deal with shitheads as well as earthquakes.

  3. You missed "it was clearly the Muslims/ the Jews putting bombs into faultines".

    And what Scuba said.

  4. Really? Someone has actually said that?! I guess it could come under the bad/anti-science bingo.

    Thanks Scubes. Yelling at shitheads is actually quite cathartic

  5. Love your work. And sorry I pointed you to more bastardy comments.

  6. The only seems to be missing, "I want other people to throw money at my problem till it goes away."

  7. I certainly don't think that's missing, because love sure ain't gonna fix everything around here.