Saturday, July 16, 2011

Step Up: "The Ten Thousand Steps" Sold!

I'm so very pleased and proud to announce that my story "The Ten Thousand Steps" will be appearing in a forthcoming edition of Expanded Horizons.

I'm very excited about this for two reasons: Expanded Horizons is a fantastic venue for feminist and intersectional speculative fiction that I will be very proud to to be published in; and TTTS is the second story set in Katewin and The Phoenix's world of "Mid-life Crisis" which was published in Flash Me Magazine December last year - this means I'm on to something good!

Yipee, what a week!

[Image: Patrick Stewart wearing the famous "This is what a feminist looks like" t-shirt]


  1. Hurrah! Well done you.

    I've been feeling a little bit of squee myself recently, having had a couple of opinion pieces published in the Dom Post, and having been asked for more. It's so validating.

    I'm really delighted that your persistence in pursuing publication is being rewarded. I've been admiring the way that you just keep on trying and learning, and often enough, getting another story placed. It's an object lesson in Not Giving Up. Thank you!

    (Word verification, which will probably change now that I've added this: - eproper. As in "Eeee.... Proper!")

  2. Wooo! Congrats! (I think one of my long term goals is going to have to be stopping being too scared to submit to Expanded Horizons...)