Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Day In the Life of The Writer

Leading on from my last post about "Write Anywhere, Anyhow", I thought I might diary a day in my writing life. Since I'm not a full time writer, my process really isn't "a day in the life", more "hours in the life". Then I got to thinking how transient my process is, but strangely enough it works for me. I know I could tighten and tidy up my schedule, create some better habits, but as I always say "this writing thing is a learning process".

So here goes, a few days/hours/moments in the life of A. Writer.

Monday: It's Writer Monday! You're going to be at your desk by 9am sharp, aren't you? Look at the clock, it's 7.42am. That's ok, snooze a bit longerrr....a BOLLOCKS IT'S 8.59am. Get up, shower, make tea and toast, FOCUS DAMMIT FOCUS. Sit at desk. Ooh, Twitter. Ooh, email. 9.29am. DAMMIT FOCUS. Open WiP. Ok this is good this is good...where's my thesaurus. Check the word count. Yup yup. Cat says o hai, pat pat. Stare out the window. Type furiously again. Another cup of tea. HEY, 2000 words by lunch, you're awesome! Eat sandwich. Walk around the house. Pet the cat. Type furiously. Stare out window. 1000 words by 3pm and you're a star. Another cup of tea. Check the word count. Check the word count. YEahhhhh, and we're done. Floop.

Tuesday: Get home from work. Wobble up to desk. 6pm. Oh hey, some peace and quiet. I'll do some writing. Email first, ooh Twitter. 6.47pm. D'oh! Dinner. Then words words words. O hai cat. 8pm. That's good. Ohh, inspiration for that line. More words. Ok, words are blurring on the screen. Zzzzzz.

Wednesday: Get home from work. Dinner. Xena/ West Wing/Star Trek rewatch. I should be writing. Another episode? Ok. I should be writing. 8pm. Ok, 250 words before bed or...something. 500 words later. Not bad. Where's mah book. Cat. Floomph.

Thursday: Get home with hastily scribbled notes in notebook. Try to decipher own writing. Dinner. NO, THIS MUST BE DONE. Hey, 1000 words. Rock on. Book. Flop.

Friday: R U Srs? It's Friday night. Make notes in head at 11.30pm. Get up, track down notebook. Write notes on toilet. Cat follows you in. Go back to bed. 2am. More notes.

Saturday: R U Srs? It's Saturday! Ok ok, I won't be a writer unless I do something every day. Peck out a couple hundred bad words. Better'n nothing.

Sunday: R U Srs? This is gaming day! Play MMORPG until arms fall off. Laptop mocks you from it's bag. Tomorrow is Mooondaayyyy. You haven't planned what you're going to doooooo. ALRIGHT FOR DOG'S SAKE IF I PICK YOU UP AND TYPE SOMETHING WILL YOU SHUT UP. Fire up lappy, sit in favourite comfy chair for a couple hours pecking over something. Cat attempts to use laptop as expensive bum warmer.

Monday: Writer Monday! I'm gonna go laptop today. Turn off desktop PC, sit in bed or favourite chair. Stop only for lunch and cups of tea. HELL YEAH I JUST WROTE 5000 WORDS TODAY. Take that Twitter, you massive time suck.

Tuesday: Do nothing.

Wednesday: Feel guilty. Still do nothing anyway.

Thursday: Your guilt is KILLING YOU. Open laptop. Stare at it. Re-read what you wrote. Scrap all of it. Shut laptop. Go to bed and bury head under pillow muttering "I am not a writer. Who am I kidding?!"

Friday: Write screeds of notes throughout day. Read book that night instead.

Saturday: Ignore your notes. Do anything else but open your WiP.

Sunday: Play games until your shoulders beat you about the head with your own bloodied limbs. Suddenly find it's 11.30pm and you've written 2000 words. Fall asleep with shit eating grin on face.

Monday: Wheeeeee merry go round!

A black and white cat reclines on a chair, showing its tummy
Procrastinators UNITE...tomorrow...

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