Thursday, December 22, 2011


Happy Holidays, however you celebrate it!

In the spirit of giving this season, you can give back to fledgling authors like myself by supporting the venues that have supported and encouraged me this year.

  • Probably the most important project I was involved in this year was "Tales For Canterbury", which includes my story "My Dad, The Tuatara". There's still a little time left to order an ebook or paperback copy of this anthology of short SFF about Survival, Hope and The Future, where proceeds go to the New Zealand Red Cross efforts in earthquake damaged Canterbury. This one is a big one for me, as a writer and close to home. 
  • Khimairal Ink published my story "Trois" in their final issue before going on hiatus, but their parent publishing company Bedazzled Ink is home to much wonderful lesbian fiction.
  • M-Brane SF published "Twixt" back in July. This magazine also went on hiatus, but I understand editor Chris Fletcher has big plans for 2012. Another fantastic venue that encourages queer SF.
  • Luna Station Quarterly is an all female venue which printed my story "The Women With Flowers In Her Hair". While not a paying venue, it's a place where female SFF authors can get exposure. Support them by having a read of some of their stories and you never know, you might find a new author you like!
  • Expanded Horizons published "The Ten Thousand Steps" in November, and I would really love to see them get the funding they need to continue their great work in 2012. They feature many fantastic authors and an astounding range of diversity in their stories. Even if you can flick them $5 via their Paypal link, that would be most awesome.
  • The WiFiles is another small venue where you can discover lots of different and new authors. They took my story "Talk To Your Universe". Go check it out!
  • Redstone Science Fiction is a pro-zine that has gone from strength to strength in the last couple of years. Mike and Paul have been awesome with their editorial encouragement and making me one of their regular narrators on their podcast. Show them some love, and they'll be able to continue paying pro rates.
  • Strange Horizons is another pro-zine that have been wonderful patient and encouraging in their feedback to me. While I have yet to crack this market, I have high hopes that one day I'll see my byline up there. Strange Horizons are also about to publish their 500th story, proving that e-zines have the ability to stay strong and hold fast in a fluctuating publishing industry. They publish so many wonderful authors (I've discovered a few through here!), they're well worth your time and contribution.
  • I have an ongoing relationship with PodCastle. At one time I was an audio editor and I have done a few narrations for them over the years. I'd count their editor Dave amoung my network of "online friends". I think it's fantastic that PodCastle and their sister 'casts EscapePod and PseudoPod have continued forging new ground in being a pro-rate audio magazine.
  • The Future Fire is a pay venue I would dearly love to see lifted to semi-pro status, because like M-Brane SF and others they are a great venue for "social, political and speculative cyberfiction" (as they put it). Have a read of their blog series from earlier this year which outlines what sort of stories are important to them, and will hopefully fuel their 'zine in 2012, and if you think that sort of SFF deserves respect and air time (like I do) hit their Donate button. They've also been super duper nice to me with their feedback!
Authorly things aside, since the holidays are not always the greatest for everyone, I'd like to encourage a little generosity towards charities that are important to me:
  • Women's Refuge - apparently the Auckland houses are already full for Christmas. Also, a reminder that the Christchurch houses took a big hit in the February 22nd earthquake, and are still on a long road to recovery. All this on top of cut funding from our government.
  • SPCA (Canterbury) - where would I be without my furry schmoo muse taking up desk space when I'm trying to write? Yes, I laptop is the most expensive cat butt warmer in the world...
  • The New Zealand Red Cross
A few words from Jay Smooth "In Defense of Humbug" (coz Christmas can be a shitty time of year, ya know it):

And of course, Christmas isn't Christmas without some Darren:

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