Sunday, January 8, 2012

Award Season Is Such An Odd Beasty

I've been doing this writerly lark for coming up two years now, but this is the first award season that I will truly be paying attention to what's going on.

The Hugos, the Nebulas, even New Zealand's own Sir Julius Vogel Awards; everyone's started talking about nominations and everyone's started that delicate dance of self promotion. How much is too much? Do you even mention your eligibility at all? Heaven forfend you might actually be proud of your work! Do you say nothing and hope that someone thinks kindly of you? While it's easier for the known names to get a nomination, us plebes and antipodeans have to work for everything we can.

I mean, sure, I was excited last year to have "My Dad, The Tuatara" nominated but not make the short list for the SJVs, but in a way I was glad it didn't go too far. I'd only just begun.

Last year I got a little preoccupied by February to think coherently about who out of my New Zealand colleagues I would consider nominating for an SJV. This year is a bit different as I have lots of great stories and books dancing around in my head. Like some of the short stories from fellow authors in the "Tales For Canterbury" anthology (not mine though, because it was a reprint). Two good friends of mine, and fellow TfC authors, Lynne Jamneck ("Renaissance" in October's White Cat Magazine) and Anna Caro  ("Shape of My Wife" in February's M-Brane SF) have also published stories elsewhere in the 2011 calender year which are well worth checking out. Grant Stone's "Young love on the run from the Federal Alien Administration New Mexico Division (1984)" appeared in Strange Horizons in May.

On the book front, K.D. Berry's "Dragon's Away" and Jane Higgin's "The Bridge" spring to mind, and in the collected works category Paul Mannering's "The Man Who Could Not Climb Stairs and Other Stories" is eligible.

If I've missed anyone or you think I should check out somebody's book or story, drop me a line in comments.

Ahh, the dreaded self promotion. Ok, here goes. From the stories I had published in the 2011 calender year which are eligible for an SJV, I am most proud of "Twixt" (M-Brane SF, July) and "The Ten Thousand Steps" (Expanded Horizons, November). There, said it, it's done.

Hey, wouldn't we all want a piece of hardware useful as a jewellery rack? I certainly need something to hang my hipster wristbands on...

Addendum: This is my second attempt at posting about awards season, because I'm absolutely rubbish at self promotion.

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