Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Happy second anniversary PT, and happy second writing anniversary to me.

Well, here we are two years into the journey. Still no pro sale, or even a semi-pro sale, but I'm hopeful that I've made enough progress in the last year that 2012 will see something really interesting happen. And it already has, with a sale to a venue I hugely respect and a story out in a print anthology getting a nice wee bit of indie promo and chugging along on word of mouth.

I still haven't settled on any firm or long term plans to write a novel because I'm still happy writing and getting better at short stories, though my tenuous plan is to make a pro sale or three, join SFWA, and reconsider. I'm not doing this for the money yet - I didn't even come close to making $100 last year on my writing.

I'm not feeling the panic of "approaching 40 and haven't achieved something" any more. I feel like I've achieved something with my baby steps and network connections I've been establishing, and stories I've written and fallen in love with. Plus I'm getting a huge sense of satisfaction of finally doing something I really love. I just wish satisfaction paid the mortgage!

As far as rejections go, I've now stopped counting. I'm up around the 150 mark now, pretty impressive for 2 years work! I just keep rolling the stories out, and a rejection doesn't prickle any more. Well, maybe just a little, if it's a market I'd really like to break or a story I really believe in. All my stories are my babies, but some are more favourites than others. Oh, do not turn on me now, wayward children!

And so I carry on carrying on.

I finnisht ur novel..and ur donuts