Monday, March 5, 2012

Caution: Detour Ahead

It's been two years since I began this journey. As I look back I think it's fantastic what I've achieved, but at the same time I don't think I've achieved enough.

As always, this has to do with my motivation and the time I give myself for writing. Two years ago I restructured my life a little to give myself "Writer Monday", an entire day with no work commitments, distractions or people around. Some Mondays I succeeded in smashing word targets and writing fantastic stories, others I found it hard to raise my head above the trenches, especially in the last year (because of The Thing Which Will Loom Large In My Life Forever More). All in all, I really enjoyed having the time to myself, to get a little taste of the full time writer lifestyle.

Unfortunately, as for all things in life, nothing ever stays the same. Due to circumstances outside my control, my work commitments have changed and for the foreseeable future I'm back to working five days a week.

This doesn't have to mean my writing output will end. Perhaps slow a little, but that depends on how well I can fit into a new writing timetable. I'm going to restructure my free time and be a lot firmer about making the most of the time available. I am making a commitment to gaming only on the weekends, being firm about "Do Not Disturb" times, and eliminating distractions until I have done my daily word limit, or if I exceed that when I run out of mental puff.

I am also instituting a new firm daily word limit of 500 words. Anything else on top of that is gravy. This word limit may stretch once I get my mental muscles more supple. In fact I hope it will.

I have unfortunately fallen into some lazy habits of late (magpie brain; using holidays as an excuse not to write) and run into that old friend Impostor Syndrome. I'm always fighting my belief in myself but it's been pretty rough the last few weeks. I get the feeling that for the rest of my life February is going to be rough.

So, here I am on a writing detour. I hope I can get this new timetable running as easily as I did Writer Mondays, but I get the feeling it will be a little tougher since there will be people around me. Here's to embracing change. I just have to try harder.

A ginger kitten watches as a white kitten walks away
Oh noes! My souuulll! My soul is gettin away!!!

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