Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Detour The Next

Writer Monday may be dead, but hello Writer Tuesday.

As I was lamenting the death of Writer Monday, the cosmos did their strange movements and the stars aligned for Writer Tuesday instead. Currently in it's testing phase (ie: only two weeks), it's nice to be back on the pony again for a full writing day to myself.

I've been pushing myself very hard the last few weeks to put words down on a daily basis, even if they are crap, to try and get a routine underway. It is difficult, but I figure if I force myself - yes, I really have to be hard on myself to apply bum to seat, fingers to keyboard - it may get easier. I don't expect for everything to fall into place and suddenly go 'Ding! I'm a prolific writer!' - I fully expect my energies will wax and wane for the rest of my writing life. So, I have to be kind on myself at the same time. Iron fist, velvet glove and all that.

This current phase of writing routine might not last, but I'll take what I can get at this stage.

Climbing over those roadblocks in my awkward, uncoordinated way, we shall trundle on.

Roadblock: yur doin it rite

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