Monday, March 19, 2012

"Flights of Fancy" Wrap Up.

Teh writter, redding stuffz
(Liz Gatens and Diane Berry find me
somehow amoozin)
I had a wonderful time at Flights of Fancy yesterday.

The first big thank you goes out to SpecFicNZ, especially Catherine Ford, for organizing and New Zealand Book Month for sponsoring the event. With a little funding, the event was held in a unique venue and made the writers present feel appreciated.

There was a small but supportive crowd present, who filled up the space in the Wigram Airforce Museum atrium just nicely. I'm not sure how many of those in attendance were members of the public brought in by the promotion, but this nervous first time  reader promoting her work thoroughly appreciated the polite applause.

It was really lovely to catch up with Helen Lowe. I haven't spoken with her (other than on Twitter) since before February last year. We were treated to a variety of readings from her, including a snippet from her soon to be released "The Gathering of the Lost". She's currently working very hard on the third book in the Wall of Night series.

I was also introduced to the work and person of Jennifer Fallon, who moved to Christchurch a couple years back. I've been extraordinarily remiss in familiarizing myself with her work, and I shall endeavour to do some catch up soon! She was a fun, engaging writer to chat to and listen to.

Diane Berry, of the KD Berry writing team, read from the recently released "Dragon's Away", Jane Higgins introduced us to the world of "The Bridge", MC and horror writer Paul Mannering read a story from "Tales From the Bell Club" of which he is the editor (hehe, watch the crowd squirm!), and Liz Gatens read her story "The Glitch Doctor".

I read part of "Cartography, and the Death of Shoes", and of course all my voice training flew out the window the moment I opened my mouth! Put me in a booth and I can go for hours. Put me in front of an audience and my knees go jelly. It's obviously been a long time since I spoke in public.

Regardless, a good time was had by all and it was lovely to interact with other local SFF authors. In  New Zealand we rarely get together outside of the yearly con or our monthly informal meetings, so it was interesting watching the pros at work.


  1. Thanks for blogging about it - nice to hear more details! It sounds like it went really well and that everyone enjoyed themselves :-) Well done!

  2. It's good to know that everything went well. Reading your post is like I am also part of this meeting. You really had fun.