Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sale! "In Bloom" to appear in Fantastique Unfettered

Sometimes you get it right on the first go!

I'm delighted to announce that my genderqueer fantasy story "In Bloom" has been picked up by Fantastique Unfettered for their double November issue. ETA: Here is the official announcement from FU.

FU has also featured another kiwi fantasy author and SpecFicNZ member (and my friend) Lynne Jamneck in their last issue, publishing her Sir Julius Vogel Award nominated story "Azif". FU is also a sister magazine to M-Brane SF, which published my story "Twixt" in July of last year.

I'm also especially happy that this story was picked up on it's first visit to the traps, which tells me I'm starting to "hit the sweet spot" with a story a lot easier and quicker.

And there couldn't be a more appropriate LOLCat for this story:

Every once and a while you have to stop and taste the roses