Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Save Crossed Genres Publications!

Crossed Genres Publications, the awesome indie publisher who released "Fat Girl in a Strange Land", are in danger of closing down.

Editors Bart Lieb and Kay T. Holt were so kind to me during the FGIASL publication and release process, and I feel it's time to give something back...even if that is the equivalent of my story fee for their Kickstarter fund raiser. It's a recursive little world in publishing, but we need wonderful indie companies such as CGP as much as they need us.

CGP have plans for themed anthologies such as "Menial: Skilled Labour in SF" and "Winter Well", an anthology of speculative novellas about older women. SFF publishing needs themes like these explored, to continue expanding the conversations about diversity.

If you can help out CGP, please do so by pledging through their Kickstarter campaign. They need $4000 to get through publishing in 2013. For more details from CGP on why they need this campaign, check out their blog post here.

Thank you!

EDIT: WOW! The power of social media has won the day! Crossed Genres met their Kickstarter target in 24 hours! They now have a Stretch Goal - if they can get another $1500 pledged they'll bring back the magazine they had to close down last year due to financial constraints.

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