Thursday, May 10, 2012

Supporting Women Authors and Presses Doing Interesting Things

  • Australian Fantasy Romance author Nicole R. Murphy has started up a crowd funded e-zine called In Fabula-Divinos dedicated to fostering and critiquing new authors work. Nicole is determined to pay each author she publishes at IFD, and to that ends is currently running a fundraising drive through IndieGoGo. If you think it's important that new talent is fostered and given opportunities they deserve in this messy wonderful publishing industry, go give Nicole a leg up.
  • Jennifer who runs Luna Station Quarterly, who published my story "The Woman With Flowers In Her Hair" back in September last year, is working to start up an indie press. Not only will the back issues of LSQ be published in print form, but she also plans to publish ebooks and print on demand volumes of "quirky books as well as traditional novels, poetry and essay collections". Another long  term plan is to be able to pay LSQ authors for their short stories published on the site. LSQ now has a PayPal donation button, and if you'd like to see more women's voices heard in speculative fiction, have at!

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