Monday, June 18, 2012

Crossed Genres Kickstarter: 4 More Days To Help 'Em Go Pro!

I blogged earlier about Crossed Genres Kickstarter fundraiser, which incredibly raised the original $4000 they needed to stay afloat in just 24 hours!

Now things are down to the wire. This little indie publisher who are dedicated to diversity and helping out new authors (like moi) are reaching for a Stretch Goal of $14 000. With the extra money, they plan to restart the Crossed Genres magazine, AND pay pro-rates. Can you imagine that? An indie publisher, with lots of different things to say about LGBT, body politics, disability, race and all sorts of intersectionality, paying pro-rates. It makes an author like me who is very much invested in writing about those themes very excited!

At this point, with only four days to go, CG have reached the goal where they can restart the magazine, but they still need the extra $5000 to be able to pay their authors pro-rates of 5 cents a word.

If you can help out in any way, even if it's a dollar or two, I'd really appreciate it. They have some great rewards - head over to the Kickstarter page and check them out. You'll find things like free books, magazines, t-shirts, signed books, artwork, critiques from established authors and even a custom Lego set!

If you can't help out financially, you can help out by spreading the word. Put it out on your social networks. Tell friends who are interested in science fiction and fantasy.

SFF deserves diversity! Let's get CG there, so more voices can be heard loud and clear.

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