Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Last chance to get your copy of 'Tales For Canterbury'

Front cover of 'Tales For Canterbury',
a tree bending in the famous norwester,
with two doves flying above.
'Tales For Canterbury', the award winning New Zealand anthology of speculative fiction published as a fund raiser and celebration of Canterbury spirit post-2011 earthquake, is nearing the end of its availability.

I have been informed there are only a few copies of the paperback left, and no more print runs will be made. If you'd like a copy of this anthology, you'll not only be owning a piece of New Zealand speculative fiction literature history, but you'll be contributing to the New Zealand Red Cross Earthquake Appeal.

And I can tell you from personal experience that even 18 months on from the disaster there are still people in desperate need of help. Can you imagine living in a tent, caravan or even your car in the middle of a bitter winter, because you've lost your home and your job in the midst of a housing crisis? Yes, this is happening right now here in Christchurch, and the Red Cross are still here, helping out in the best ways they can.

'Tales For Canterbury', available through Random Static, will be gone within a couple of weeks, so make sure you order your copy before it's unavailable for good.


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