Monday, June 4, 2012

So Proud! 'Tales For Canterbury' wins an SJV

The Sir Julius Vogel Awards were held over Queen's Birthday weekend at UnCONventional in Auckland, this year's New Zealand speculative fiction con, and I'm very pleased and proud to announce that 'Tales For Canterbury', the earthquake fundraising anthology I was part of last year, won the award for Best Collected Work.

I'm proud of and amazed at the work editors Cassie Hart and Anna Caro did on this anthology, and in so little time. The earthquake happened in February, and the book was released in June. I don't know how difficult things were behind the scenes, but everything seemed to fall together so well. They brought together a fantastic table of contents, and all for a great cause.

And now Anna, Cassie and TfC has an award to prove what a meaningful effort it was.

It's also fun to be able to say I'm part of an "award winning book".

Congratulations Anna and Cassie. You did an amazing job. Canterbury and its arts thank you.

Image of the SJV for Tales For Canterbury (Best Collected Work)
shamelessly stolen from Cassie's blog

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