Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lately: SpecFicNZ Committee; Paul Mannering's 'Engines of Empathy on IndieGoGo; Ripley Patton's 'Ghost Hand'; Helen Lowe's Gemmell is PURTY

  • Today was the AGM of SpecFicNZ (the New Zealand writer's collective I belong to). The new committee has been voted in for the 2012-13 year, and I'm totally stoked that I've been voted onto the general committe. I've never done committee work before, so it's a whole new experience for me. Hopefully because it's a subject I love, and with so many wonderfully supportive people to help out, things should go fine.

    At SpecFicNZ we're all about supporting and promoting New Zealand based and bred science fiction, fantasy and horror authors. We've been underway for two years now, and promotions include writing contests (for example, through Wily Writers) and cover design, giveaways, and special events like Flights of Fancy.

    So! It will be an interesting year for me as I find out what it takes to run things behind the scenes. Thanks to whoever nominated me for the position, I hope I can do you all proud.
  • New Zealand author and my friend Paul Mannering, he of 'Tankbread' fame (infamy?) is preparing to self-publish his second novel 'Engines of Empathy', with crowd sourdced funding through IndieGoGo. Unlike Tankbread, which was an Australian based zombie novel, EoE is a science fiction story about 'a peaceful world where empathically empowered technology runs on positive emotions'.

    The blurb further reads: 'After her toaster has a psychotic breakdown, Charlotte Pudding finds herself caught up in what might possibly be the greatest conspiracy in history. Running for her life with a grandmaster of sarcasm, the race is on to discover the secret of an antique desk that is the key to the mysterious origins of Empathic Energy. With mystical monks, villainous corporations and a shocking revelation about R.A.B.I.T.S, Pudding is on a quest to find patchouli oil, uncover the truth, and (if it’s not too inconvenient) save the world.'

    Intrigued? Think you'd like to read this wacky story? (I can assure you, Paul has the most twisted mind in a human being I've ever met). Then give it a leg up into the world! Paul is running an IndieGoGo campaign, which will cover the costs of editing, cover design and self publishing.

    Crowd funding is a great way to see self-published books into the world - it's like giving the author a publishing advance right from the fans and readers pockets. This way you can choose the books you'd like to see published!
  • Another friend who is crowd funding a self-publishing outing is my friend Ripley Patton, with her YA fantasy novel 'Ghost Hand'. I blogged about it earlier, but this is just a reminder that with 8 days to go, Ripley needs just $600 more to hit her target.
  • Here's something sweet as: last weekend I got to hold Helen Lowe's Gemmell Morningstar award, which she won for her fantasy novel 'The Heir of Night'. All crystal, that sucker was heavy! I'd like to steal this award on behalf of...
A nearly see through crystal trophy, that catches and shows light prismatically,
with a square base, long middle section and star at the top.
The inscription reads 'The David Gemmell Morningstar Award 2012'

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