Monday, September 10, 2012


So. This...thing...has happened in the last couple weeks.

I was hesitant to talk about it. Though I don't believe in superstition, I didn't want to jinx my chances, because if "this" happens, it could be BIG, and I didn't really want to write ANOTHER "almost, but not quite post". I'm sure you're getting bored with those. I know I am.

But this, "this", is different. Let's just say there's these two major venues. We'll call them A and B. Quite some time back, I submitted a story to Venue A, who after a series of events eventually came back to me with "not quite" a rejection. If I wanted to rewrite some parts and resubmit, Venue A said, feel free to do so.

Rewrite? REWRITE? Hell, yeah!

So I did.

Then Venue B came along. After submitting a (different) story, they came back to me with gushy feedback that put a blush all up in a my face. If I wanted to rewrite some parts, Venue B said, feel free to do so.


A month ago, I was sitting on some nice feedback with rejections from various editors round the traps.

Now, I'm sitting on two rewrite requests. Count 'em, TWO. And now I'm trying to figure out how to make the best stories I've ever written even better. Woah. Mind reeling.

If neither of them happen, it'll still be a success in networking and a learning experience dealing with two great editors.

If either one of them happens - Oscar Mike Golf, pro time!

If both happen, you'll need to resuscitate me.

Kitteh sez: OMG

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