Monday, November 19, 2012

I can haz excite! Table of contents and cover art for "Menial: Skilled Labor in SF"

It's a reveal...that I'm a little late on. And I better leave out the good ol' Commonwealth 'u' in labo(u)r. But here 'tis! It's the ToC and cover art for "Menial: Skilled Labor in SF", edited by Kelly Jennings and Shay Darrach, due out January 21st, 2013, from Crossed Genres Publication.

AJ Fitzwater -  “Diamond in the Rough”
M. Bennardo – “Thirty-Four Dollars”
Sean Jones – “A Tale of a Fast Horse”
Barbara Krasnoff – “The Didibug Pin”
Camille Alexa – “Sarah 87″
A.D. Spencer – “Carnivores”
Andrew C. Releford - “Urban Renewal”
Matthew Cherry – “Storage”
Angeli Primlani – “Snowball the Rabbit Was Dead”
Jasmine M. Templet – “Leviathan”
Margaret M. Gilman – “All in a Day’s Work”
Kevin Bennett – “The Belt”
Jude-Marie Green – “Far, Far From Land”
Clifford Royal Johns – “Big Steel In The Sky”
Sophie Constable – “Air Supply”
Dany G. Zuwen – “The Heart of the Union”
Sabrina Vourvoulias – “Ember”

Why yes, that is my story the first in the book. Hee!

- I'm super excited to see that i09 has seen fit to give the anthology a plug! Thanks to Charlie Jane Anders.
- SFSignal have also got in on the act with a plug too.

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