Monday, November 12, 2012


I never thought my first pro sale would be The Start Of All Things Amazing, but geez have I hit the wall this last month.

Good old Imposter Syndrome, how ya doing? Haven't heard from you in a while. And Magpie Syndrome, you've decided to turn up too? Oh, and a big dollop of creamy Procrastination, how you doin'? Chuck in a big helping of gaming FOMO and yay, my life is complete - on a collision course for not a heck of a lot of work getting done.

I'm a recidivist non-planner. Plans scream Work. Work screams Unfun. But writing is fun, right? RIGHT? Well, it's supposed to be. Maybe it's that old theocratic holdover drummed into me that hard work isn't supposed to be fun. I always said as a kid "When I grow up, I'm only ever going to do something for fun!" Why, hello Day Job and Mortgage, how's that working out for you?

So now, the only time I can have Fun is my off hours, and if writing seems like Work hedging in on my Fun Time...oh man, I know, this round-about thinking is killing my creativity.

So what to do? I need discipline, a plan. Haha yeah, here we go on the suck vortex again. We're going under again, cap'n! She's gonna blow!

So come on Pickles, it's time to Get Serious. It's time to stop half-arseing this and pretending what little I'm doing is enough. It's time to dedicate a plan to paper. It's time to turn off the games and turn on your brain.

Engage, Number One!


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