Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: The Year That Was

Barring a miracle in the next twenty-four hours, here's how my writing year has shaped up.

Stories Published:
This is strange to say, but in what has been my most successful writing year yet, I only had two new stories published: "The City of Sand and Knives" in The Future Fire's February issue, and "Cartography and the Death of Shoes" in Crossed Genres "Fat Girl in a Strange Land".

Stories Accepted:
I had six stories accepted, which is equal to my 2011 acceptance rate, but the deal breaker was my first pro sale.

I've only had one reprint, "Twixt", which was included in the M-Brane SF Quarterly #4.

New Stories Released to the Traps:
I prepped eleven stories I was happy enough to begin submitting around the traps, only one of which I've trunked.

I had seventy-seven rejections, including four no replies.

Current WiPs:
I can't accurately count how many stories I have in various states of plan, write or repair, but I'd guess it's around fifteen to twenty.

Huzzah to 2012!

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