Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays, However You Like To Celebrate

It's been a quiet December in Pickles Land but things have been strange and busy in the Real Life.

I took extra RL responsibility on myself by negotiating through a house purchase. It was a difficult process especially this close to Christmas and in the Christchurch housing environment, but hooray I got there and I'll be moving house in the new year.

This meant a lot of my mental energy at a busy time of year got even more sapped, and my writing suffered. On the tailcoat of not seeing anything published or accepted  by the end of the year (well, still a week left!), I was feeling a bit despondent. I really do miss the buzz writing gives me, but there's only so much of me to go around. And boy was I tired after the last month!

Seeing how I crumbled during a crunch time, I decided to do something I really hate to do: make some resolutions. I don't like jumping on the old cliche bandwagon, it just so happens that some self realizations about energy and writing came at the end of a year.

It would have been nice to close out the year with something big, but such is the writer life - plans change. It looks like the first quarter is shaping up to be a big one - with some publishing deadlines pushed back, I'll be seeing pieces in two anthologies, a magazine, and The Big One all coming out in early 2013. It'll look like I've been very busy when if fact I've been waiting for Teh Splosion of Orsumness for quite some time!

2013 is going to be awesome and different. For one, I'm going to have my own office - a writing space all of my own I can clutter with books and inspirational detritus and I don't have to share. My first pro sale is going to be released - you have no idea how excited I am about that one. There's going to be Au Contraire 2 and the SJVs, stories coming out in venues I'm pleased as punch about, start doing something with this blog (yeah, I got it wrong this year) and, dammit all, more awesome writing.

So here's to a happy holiday, cool yule, fabulous festivus, however you like to celebrate, and thanks for sticking round with this wee whisper of an author. You'll be seeing bigger things from me in the new year.

Iz long story. Jus pull, pleez.

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