Thursday, January 24, 2013

"Menial" Publicity: Amazon, Library Thing, Good Reads, Tangent Online, Publisher's Weekly

Reviews have started trickling in for "Menial: Skilled Labor in SF".

Check out the first five star review for the antho on Amazon: "It is a testament to the work that it can drag you in and leave you surprised and disappointed that it ends. There is no more. It is also what drove me on to read the next story, that high that comes from being completely immersed in a strange land means that when you reach land's end, you need to push on and lose yourself in the next adventure."

A reviewer on LibraryThing has positive things to say as well: "This anthology had a few thing going for it in terms of being different: the subject matter (see title), with a number of the laborers being women, several characters with mental differences and/or body work, and the authors, all of whom were new to me. Many stories had hardship and sadness to them, but also hope and poetry."

If you're on Good Reads, add it to your list and add me as a fan or friend

Chuck Rotham from Tangent Online has done an extensive story by story review (but oh noes mis-genders my protag!): "The concept for the anthology certainly deserves attention. But there is a certain sameness to the stories: the workers always are oppressed; bosses are always uncaring. That may say something about American society these days, but the lack of variation is a problem. A bigger problem is that, though none of the stories are actually bad, most are unmemorable. It certainly is decent reading, but I had hoped it would have been better."

And here's a short piece from Publisher's Weekly: "The anthology’s heart is in the right place, but it never recovers from a tepid start."

Thanks to everyone spreading the word!

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