Monday, January 28, 2013

Week Four Update

It's moving house week in the Pickled household, therefore internet connection, energy (oh my god, I'm so tired!), and ability to write have all been truncated.

However, I'm pleased to say I managed 3900 new words by last Wednesday before I had to throw myself full force into the moving bitniz. Not far off my weekly total, so I'll take it!

I also expect this week to be disturbed as unpacking is a big effort, my office isn't set up yet, and I still have to do the Day Job at the same time. Boo-urns. I'm feeling the itch, and my current WiP is calliiing meeeee....

I was thrilled this week to receive a "close!" rejection from Clarkesworld again, so that's two in six months. It means that the story is good, and I'm improving quickly with the extra effort I'm putting in at the moment.

I'll see what I can peck out this week, unpacking allowing, and hopefully I'll be back on track with hitting the full word count total from next week.

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