Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week Three Update

This week has been a sterling one for progress!

I started a new story entitled "Long's Confandabulous Clockwork Circus and Carnival, and Cats of Many Persuasions". It seems to be heading into novelette territory because it has so much to say. It's also my first attempt at Steampunk.

I hit my full word tally by Wednesday, and by today I've totalled just over 6300 words for the week.

The next week or so will be a little skew whiff because I'm moving house. Internet and access to computers will be somewhat interrupted (along with energy levels as I clean and hump boxes and furniture!). I'd like to think I will get some work done, but won't beat myself up if I don't since this last week has gone so well.

On the submissions front, I received two very encouraging rejections with superb feedback which helped me rewrite/edit two pieces on the days I didn't write new words.

Week three over and out, only 49 left to go!

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