Monday, February 4, 2013

Week Five Update

Not a great week for Teh Wurdz turning over, what with unpacking and getting the house in order. Exhaustion abounds! However, by the end of the week my new office was coming right and is FANDABULOUS to have my very own space to write in and store All The Books.

I scraped in under the half way mark by the end of Sunday, with 2485 new words written. Also struggling to find the end of "Clockwork Circus" - I'm at that point of frustration with it that if I don't persist I'll walk away. Really only have the final confrontation scene to do, perhaps a couple thousand words until the end.

This week should be heaps better because I'll be almost fully back into my routine - no Writer Tuesday, though I can't imagine getting 700 words a night done would be a problem.

Anywho, here's a grainy atmospheric night shot of my new office. Loki, Lights, Book Love, and Freddie to watch over me!

Mah Orifice at Teh Minustree of Teh Wurdz.

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