Monday, February 18, 2013

Week Seven Update: Now With Extra Added Sale!

An excellent week!

I obtained my full word tally by Wednesday evening, thanks to a superb Writer Tuesday which saw me write a solid 3000 words in one day, even with power cuts and disturbances by tradies!

I was pleased to get my full word count out of the way before I was away for the weekend, because I couldn't lug my laptop around with me this time.

Even with a few days of not writing anything, I ended the week on a high note: I made a sale!

"The Origami Tree" has been accepted for inclusion in Random Static's "Regeneration: New Zealand Speculative Fiction 2", which will be released at Au Contraire in July. From it's title, I'm sure you can imagine its theme, and the theme I was able to draw upon.

I'm very pleased, and circumspect at the same time. Origami is a story I tried very hard not to write because I didn't feel up to the challenge of using disaster motifs in my writing. But submission calls and inspiration have a funny way of changing things.

Thanks to Amanda C. Davis who helped me bring the piece up to scratch.

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