Monday, February 11, 2013

Week Six Update

I was definitely back on the bicycle last week, with steady attention on my word count each night.

I crashed through the weekly total by Saturday, and just for good measure hit 6300 words for the week by Sunday evening. Noice one, Stewie.

I'm still working on "Clockwork Circus", which has taken on a huge life of its own. I know I said I was going to work harder at planning stories out, but this story had so many places it wanted to go, I let it run.

And run it did. I'm closing in on novelette status, and I'm expecting to hit around 20K words. Un. Be. Lei.Vable. It's currently the longest thing I've ever written, completely surpassing the tentative fleshing out (arh arh) of Katewin's world I attempted (and currently have sitting motionless) to world build/further ideas of "The Ten Thousand Steps".

I'm also super jazzed at the thought that by the end I will have written 20K words in just under four weeks, all on the same story ie: the idea of a novel is not so scary! Well, OK, yeah, it is.

I'm itchy to try some more ideas, so hopefully I can wrap up "Circus" very soon.

Bring me a tricycle...I must get to the circus

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