Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's A Release! "Daughters of Icarus: New Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy" Out Now

Pink Narcissus Press has just announced the release of the anthology "Daughters of Icarus: New Feminist Science Fiction and Fantasy".

The book is currently available through their catalog on their website, for $US17, (ETA) and also via Amazon. Paperback and ebook versions will be available through other retailers in the next week or so, so hang tight for links.

"Daughters of Icarus", edited by Josie Brown, with cover art by Rose Mambert, includes my story "Me Myself I".

What can women tell us about the world? In this new collection of science fiction, a stunning assembly of authors explore the work laid before the daughters of Icarus, left behind after the prideful fall. Whether the worlds they imagine are hopeful of desolate, each sheds new light on the possibilities of feminism. Daughters of Icarus is a bold exploration of the present, past and future.

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