Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Week 11 Update

Seven thousand words, yeeeaaahhhh baby!

Actually, it was 7450 words, so over total for the week *fist pump*

I started two new stories last week, one a SF about an abandoned colony, and the other a weird urban fantasy. I like weird. I like to be weird as often as possible. I didn't finish either WiP, but I made excellent progress on both.

And the excellent progress was despite my RSI flaring up. I have a particularly rough time with my right shoulder and neck (my strong hand). They lock up when I'm stressed, and this week's flare up has been especially unpleasant. It usually calms down after a few days but this has been going on a week now. The best I can do is get a massage, take painkillers, use a wheat bag, do a few exercises, and ride it out. The pain also leaves me very tired, so writing through it is a bit like making the brain swim through treacle. I doesn't help that the day job is all computer work, so there's no way I can avoid exacerbating it.

A couple of rejections this week, so I was able to tidy a couple stories up and send them out. I also finished editing "Looking For Group" and sent it out on its way around the traps. That's the 45th story I've sent out on the submission road, though of course not all of those 45 had survived the trip!

The "Words on the Wind" NZ Book Month reading event also happened on Sunday, but I'll write that up when I have photos.


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