Monday, March 11, 2013

Week Ten Update, with added extra sale!

I've come to the conclusion that my weekly updates are excessively dry, and I've been glossing over things. Mainly, how writing is still goddamn difficult for me compared to the way other people make it sound. I do tolerably well to complete my tally, but I still get the ol' Jelus Bone a-tingling when people talk of their massive output. And I have to remind myself: I do what my energies allow me to do, I'm a short burst worker, and I have to be kind on myself.

My Writing Output isn't as boring as I make it out here. Maybe  I got into that mind set that writing is all about numbers instead of what else is going on in my head: how what I'm reading effects me, the mad ideas I have that never go anywhere, how many balls I have in the air. I think I made the updates dry originally because a) looking back over the last couple of years I seemed whiny b) I wanted to project an air of positivity on to my thinking so I don't get discouraged.

So, since I'm always a Work In Progress, maybe a little bit of brain farting onto the, err, page here wouldn't go amiss.

Talking this week's numbers, I decided to up my Tally Total to 7000 words a week (1000 a day) because on good days (more often than not lately) I've been zipping past my daily tally, and I figured if I just tried a little harder I could push myself forward a bit. Thought I set the new number, I didn't reach it for the first week - I hit 4500 new words - but I in no way see the week as a failure. I made excellent progress on editing my newest completed short ("Looking For Group") and the monster 20K ("Circus").

Absolutely doing my head a good number, I started reading Caitlin R. Kiernan's "The Drowning Girl" - holy crap it's a trip so far. Very complex (with TWs: mental health). The sort of writing that (like Cat Valente) makes me want to be a better writer. Coz hot damn, writer envy.

And since I usually have about 3-4 books on the go at one time (to switch between as my mood suits), I also began reading Samuel R. Delany's "Babel-17" (finally!). Really taut prose that smacks the pace around. It's currently on hold because the Kiernan has me hooked.

And of course! The Great News of The Week: I sold "Power Line Dreams" to the Crossed Genres anthology "Oomph: A Little Super Goes a Long Way". If you're counting, why yes, that's my hat trick of CG anthologies. Can't help it, they always come up with excellent themes.

Upcoming big weekend with the "Words on the Wind" New Zealand Book Month reading at the Upper Riccarton Library on Sunday from 1.30pm. Still considering options of what to read, but I'm leaning towards my flash piece "Mid-life Crisis".

And the new home office? Still freakin' ace.

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