Monday, March 25, 2013

Week Twelve: E for Effort, A+ for Awesome! (Why yes, that is a pro sale)

I had the most bizarre week of roller-coaster ups and down.

I didn't make my word count because I was having the motivation blues. I managed around 2000 new words which completed my latest WiP "The Unofficial Guide to Travelling with Kin", and I did spend what other time I could force myself to do editing the piece. I was tired and in a complicated head space, but somehow I did finish the piece, and I ended up liking it a lot.

Still, I got to Sunday and felt like my efforts the past 7 days were the absolute pits. Boo-urns.

But then.


I made. My second. Pro sale!

Just like that! Out of the blue - BAM! It happened so suddenly I'm not sure I've processed it properly yet, I'm quite shocked.

I'm proud to announce that "Second Skin" will be appearing in the June (I believe) edition of Crossed Genres Magazine. Yes, that superb venue funded to pro status by Kickstarter last year.

Kay and Bart have been incredibly supportive over the last two years, and I'm really proud to be associated with their publications.

Invisible Roller Coaster!

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