Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Words On The Wind" Write Up

Thanks to everyone who came out to support "Words on the Wind" this past Sunday.

It was really nice to have a near full room of people listening to stories read by five local science fiction and fantasy writers: Beaulah Pragg, Cat Langford, Diane Berry, Jane Higgins, and myself.

I read my (as yet unpublished) story "The Dragon in the Wardrobe", as I wanted to talk about how Anne McCaffrey influenced my writing. This was the story I wrote in the week after her death (the same week Curiosity was sent Mars-ward).

Thanks for all the kind words and polite attention. I was, as per usual, nervous as hell, knees shaking, eyes downwards, stumbling over my words. A little silly for a person who spends their day job behind a microphone, n'est pas? I think I need more practice. Maybe in oh, say, 20 years time I'll be better at it!

It was also a little squee-worthy that this time round I had hard copy books to show off at the display table.

There is a full write up about the reading over at the SpecFicNZ website. It was nice to see all my local writer friends, since I've been unable to attend our monthly meetings lately.

Thanks to New Zealand Book Month for your support for this and the other "Words on the Wind" events.

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