Monday, May 6, 2013

Update Weeks 17 and 18

Hellooo brain. Anybody home?

Week 17 was a shocker. I barely scraped out 3000 words...then completely scrapped it all on the Sunday night. Post Disney blues? Lingering jetlag? Who knows. All I know that it was one of the worse writing weeks of this year that didn't warrant a blog post all of it's own.

Week 18 on the other hand was much better. I resolved to make a fresh start last Monday, and made steady progress on a brand new story which bordered on the witty and interesting. I hit my word target by Friday night, so gave myself the weekend off to allow my brain a little recharging. I have to keep reminding myself: be kinder on yourself.

No news on any sales this time, though I received some encouraging news on one thing, so fingers crossed.

There's also a few things on the calendar in the next month or so. This week I will be blog interviewed on Helen Lowe's "Here's SpecFicNZ-Christchurch" series. I'm not a charisma machine, but I think I said some reasonably amusing and intelligent things. June will see the release of my story "Second Skin" in Crossed Genres Magazine 6, under the theme of "She". There is also the expectation my story "Through the Open Door" will be released in next month's Aoife's Kiss (just waiting on info back about that). And I'm hoping "In Bloom" will be released in the delayed Fantastique Unfettered soon.

I've been reading a lot of short fiction lately, and not just in aid of my 365 Project. I've got some great anthologies that I'm dipping into like "Daughters of Icarus" (well, yeah), "The Other Half of the Sky", Cat Rambo's "Eyes Like Sky and Coal and Moonlight", and "Bloodchildren" edited by Nisi Shawl (for the Carl Brandon Society) among others. I'm thinking this year will be more short fiction than novels, coz it's taken me ages to pick through longer forms at the moment. I'm annoyed I'm still a I'm a slow reader even after all these years.

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