Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week 19 and 20 Update

Captain Picklesworth, reporting in! *salute*

The HMS Pickle has been steaming along at a steady rate, hitting the 5000 word target with days and brain cells to spare. I'm currently writing a new epic fantasy set in a matriarchal world (quelle surprise!) which is well on it's way to novella territory. I'm enjoying the world building, and liking where it's leading me - magic books and dying nano-technology for the win!

I've also been editing my zombie piece "Mostly Dead". Well, it's not zombie, because there's no brain eating or even gore of any type, but there are plenty of undead. Probably more creepy. I'm being very picky about it, because there's some imagery I want to get perfect.

Books I've been reading lately include Catherine Lundoff's "Silver Moon", Janet Edwards "Earth Girl", and "The Other Half of the Sky" and "Daughters of Icarus" anthologies. I'm super pleased to have just received a copy of the 1995 anthology "She's Fantastical" edited by Lucy Sussex, featuring feminist fantasy stories by Australian authors.

It was great to get an acceptance in the last week. But (there's always a but with impatient old me) I wish they were coming quicker. I'm not sure whether it's because I'm not fast enough with my writing, I'm stagnant in some part of it, or my patience is pushing me about. It's going to be nice to have releases in June and July so I'll have something more to talk about! Plus, Au Contraire is coming up mid-July, so that will be an interesting weekend to look forward to - plenty of networking, and book talk and silliness to be had, oh my!

So, life in Pickle land trundles on. Not very exciting, I know. But there are always plenty of cups of tea to be had.

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