Monday, June 3, 2013

"Regeneration": Pre-sale and Gorgeous Cover Art!

The anthology "Regeneration: New Zealand Speculative Fiction II", to be published by Random Static, is being released on July 12th. I'll be attending the release party taking place on the first evening of Au Contraire.

I'm proud to have my story "The Origami Tree" be a part of a table of contents that includes all these authors: Matt Cowens, Tim Jones, Mary Brock Jones, O.J. Cade, Grace Bridges, I.K. Paterson-Harkness, Kylie Thorne, Debbie Cowens, J.C. Hart, Jennifer Compton, Simon Petrie, Anna Smith, Rebecca Harris, Elizabeth Gatens, Jonathan James Todd, Fran Atkinson, Anna Caro, Dan Rabarts, Lee Murray, Grant Stone, and Toni Wi.

The pre-sale is now available - purchase a paperback for $24.95 (with free ebook) or the ebook for $9.95.

Check out the incredible cover art, done by Kapiti based artist Emma Weakley. Love at first sight for a futuristic Wellington Harbour:

Cover Art for "Regeneration":
 a twisting tree-like building rises from the waters of a harbour,
set against the backdrop of glowing city set amongst hills

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