Saturday, June 22, 2013

When a Review Does It's Job Well

Check out this incredible review of "Menial: Skilled Labor in Science Fiction" by Benjamin Gabriel over at Strange Horizons.

I am super impressed at the intricate reading Gabriel has taken upon themself. This is the sort of critique that makes me want to be a better writer - it picked out the worst and best parts of my story, and gave it a thoughtful analysis that makes me go "Yisssss *fist pump* somebody got what I was trying to do, however clumsy and imperfect!".
By using the aesthetic of technological extrapolation to convey the content of sociological extrapolation, the point of "Diamonds in the Rough" becomes not just to tell itself, but to function as a critique of the political economy of science fiction.
This critique frames the anthology historically; Fitzwater's story employs Golden Age tropes in the service of a deconstruction of the way that period tended to obscure and ignore the social relations that conditioned its own production and distribution, and so the anthology as a whole takes the tone of this critique.
Thank you Benjamin Gabriel. That's some real awesome-sauce.

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