Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Situation Vacant, Apply Within", Interstellar Fiction, July 2013

My latest story release is now live at Interstellar Fiction. "Situation Vacant, Apply Within" is a fun lighthearted space opera romp, with burping starships, drunk cap'ns, and aliens with fance fingernails, oh my!

Goodness me, yes I can write fun things. I'm not all This Cat Is Srs Bznz all the time. In amongst the fun, I slipped in a genderqueer alien. I mean, srsly, how do we know alien beings will have genders like ours? And I ask you, how did we know Chewbacca was male, other than Han Solo saying so (and Christmas Specials That Will Not Be Named)? Under all that "Grarrghhooww" and "Ahroooahh", Chewie might have actually been saying "Dude, you're totally hung up on the gender binary. Wookies don't truck with that. My personal pronoun is actually 'Rawr'!"

Interstellar Fiction also did a quick Q&A with me, where I talk about the genesis of the story and gender swapping characters.

Artwork from Interstellar Fiction's July Issue,
of a person in a space suit overlooking large towers of an alien city.

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