Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Short Fiction I've Been Reading 24/9/2013

I started this year with good intentions: a short story a day, with a link and review aggregation at the end of week. I was going well until June when I hit a mental speed bump and reading burn out. I wanted to read as much as I could to further my craft, but there was a sameness coming through; possibly a mix of the venues I was reading and I'm not an adequate reviewer with my lack of academic language.

So I'll try and slip slowly back into the short reading again. Won't be as regular as my story-a-day project, but I'm feeling in a better place to read shorts again. I'll probably go with a short one or two sentence review, and broaden the review if I feel like it.

Here's what I've read recently.

"You Have to Follow The Rules" by Ada Hoffman, Strange Horizons, September 2, 2013
Loved it. Be prepared for lots of feels. A lovely take on  autism and operating within crowds for kids.

"First Principle" by Nancy Kress, Clarkesworld, September 2013
A fairly standard coming of age Mars story, though I did like the gene modification and post-human concepts, and the moral ideals created to live within confined spaces.

"Doctor Blood and the Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron" by AC Wise, Ideomancer, June 2013.
Queeeers iiiin SPAAAAAAACE! I had to read this story as a pre-cursor to Wise's new Bunny story (which is also faaaabulous, with lots of feels about identity and finding your power in your "armour")in the latest volume (Issue 17) of Shimmer Magazine...and Oh Em Gee. The glitter, the platform boots, the HAIR, the effortlessly defeating evil in the flicker of a false eyelash. I loved it. I want to write stuff like this, and I hope I can find an effortless mix of fabulosity and identity power that Wise's Glitter Squadron does.

"We See a Different Frontier" anthology, edited by Fabio Fernandes and Djibril al-Ayad.
I'm slowly working my way through this anthology, and so far my huge expectations are paying off in spades. Every story so far is incredible, addressing colonialism, imperialism, and racism in so many different ways. Top class stuff, and worth the money for Sylvia Moreno-Garcia's "Them Ships" alone.

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  1. Thank you for the kind words about Bunny and the Glitter Squadron! They're currently all crowding up in my head, wanting more stories told about them. :)