Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sad News: Fantastique Unfettered #5 will not be published.

Back in May last year I sold "In Bloom" to Fantastique Unfettered. It was to appear in issue five, slated for publication of November 2012.

Two publishing deadlines came and went, and recently I touched based with publisher Brandon H. Bell and editor Alexa Seidel to find out the haps since things had gone a bit quiet.

The indie publishing industry is a fickle and often difficult place, and unfortunately a variety of issues lead to the delay of publication. Delays meant that the stories had gone out of contract. FU were unable to re-contract all the stories, therefore they have decided to forgo all plans of publication.

It's a pity, because FU had a great idea for a magazine, and their content was interesting and diversity friendly (hello, my story was all about genderqueer people and their sewing magic!). Also, it's the second sale I've lost from 2012, but at least this one is under kinder circumstances. Brandon has been kind, honest, and open about the situation, and I wish them the best for their future publishing endeavours.

So "In Bloom" is now back on the table. I'm proud it got a hit on it's first time out into the traps, let's see if anyone else is interested in a story about fabulous queer fashion divas and their magical needles. Work it, baby.

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