Thursday, January 2, 2014

"The Dragon in the Wardrobe", Betwixt Magazine, January 2014

New year, new story!

I present to you my first story release for 2014, my tribute to Anne McCaffrey - "The Dragon in the Wardrobe" now live at Betwixt Magazine. Here's a small excerpt to get you going:
Eight-year-old Ani sits at the desk shaping Gareth out of red play dough. It’s not the real, store-bought dough, a school treat smooth and fine and warm beneath her searching fingers. She does not create fat plaited hair like other girls have done, imitated with sideways smirks at her thick woollen bunch. No, this dough is cobbled together from flour, water, and salt, splotched with Nika’s limited pantry of colours.

Dough Gareth is red, like the tips of her fingers, which she licks small bites of dough from, a substitute for the always-empty biscuit tin. Ani is displeased with the inadequate, crumbling representation of her dragon that does nothing to show his grandeur, but Nika smiles regardless.

Nika smiles less when fourteen-year-old Ani is still drawing Gareth, but that might not be her daughter’s or the dragon’s fault. Red is not the colour of proper dreams.
If you like this story, or any of the others in Issue 2 of Betwixt, you can buy the magazine or donate through their Paypal links.

Dragons give good chin scratchies

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