Monday, February 24, 2014

Sad Face

It's been a sad face couple of weeks in Pickles Land, so here's a quick run down.

  • I had a minor operation which has inconvenienced me for a week. I was really sore and tired (still am a bit), and unable to sit up at my computer for any length of time, so I didn't get any writing done. I had planned on this, so it was nice to check out from life for a few days. All is fine, the procedure went well, and I'm healing to plan.

  • The "Angels and Automatons" New Zealand gold mining steampunk Kickstarter that Steam Press were running did not reach its funding goal. We just didn't get the social media reach, or capture the imagination, or there were other genre Kickstarters that got a lot of attention...or any number of other things. Whatever the case, it's sad, but it happens. So, my "girl disguised as boy in the mine fields" story is getting shelved, and we'll move on. It would have been fun challenge. Maybe some other time.

  • I had little energy to do wordage about the latest bruha within SFWA conversational areas re: diversity in genre, and a lot of good people have had plenty to say about it, so I'll just sit here and massage my temples and keep writing what I write, again, as it passes by. One good takeaway from this latest bruha, as with the last, is that I'm getting the sense that SFWA is changing with the times, and the problems are only coming from a vocal minority. There is a place for us all in there, and a place for what we want to write, we just have to keep pushing and prodding and holding steady.

  • Still no word on Clarion. But that's not so much sad face as quiet anticipation.

So, we is plodding on, wordwards ho.

I can haz sick day?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

No News Is...No News

It's been a very quiet start to the year here in Pickled Land. There's not been much news to report other than mostly head down, bum up trying to keep efficient and on target with my word counts each week. I'm mostly succeeding, though I'm still suffering from a lot of Magpie Brain. Trying to turn that into a good thing: at least the inspiration is flowing.

The one thing on the agenda I was looking forward to was the release of my alt-history steampunk novella "Long's Confandabulous Circus" in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. This was originally slated for April, but I have been advised the issue is being pushed back to later in the year, possibly August. So, a bit of a delay on sharing one of my favourite worlds to date, but at least it's still on track.

Being asked to contribute to Angels and Automatons was lovely. If we can get this anthology off the ground, it will be pro-rates. I'm really enthusiastic about the project, I think it has a really unique New Zealand perspective to add to the steampunk genre. We've got just on two weeks to go with the Kickstarter, but there's still a lot of money to be raised. We're currently sitting around the $1400 mark, but the funding level is $10 000. We need to get the word out there. I fully believe in organic signal boosting rather than bugging this or that author/celeb to give it a boost, so keep talking it up.

Things I've been working on: I have been working on a "sequel" to "Long's Confandabulous Circus" with an eye to a particular themed venue; I've been reading a lot of comics/been comics universe influenced lately, and I've been playing with some ideas along those lines ie: flipping tropes around in my usual fashion.

But as per usual in writerly land, there's a lot of boring slog going on in the background just getting those words down. Not very glamourous, I know.

This works for time, chocolate pleeze