Sunday, April 5, 2015

Links of Interest: The Tiptrees, #womenwritefantasy, Shortcuts, At The Edge, Sisters of the Revolution, Glittership

  • Women Write Fantasy. Yes we do.

    It's back onto the No We Are Not Invisible horse again, with this lovingly crafted "advertisement" for Game of Thrones season five that mentions NOT ONE woman fantasy writer. The response from the SFF community has been the usual sigh of annoyance and once again restart the conversation, this time with the brilliant #womenwritefantasy hashtag on social media. Lots of great recommendations and discussions going on there if you're looking for some interesting reading or to get involved.
  • This year's Tiptree Awards have been announced, and congratulations to Monica Byrne for "The Girl in the Road" *rushes to buy this book* and Jo Walton's "My Real Children". Also happy to see Jacqueline Koyanagi's "Ascension" get a nod, because I loved that book. And also happy to see many "Long Hidden" (Crossed Genres) stories make the Honours List, because Long Hidden is a game changing anthology.
  • Women in SF&F Month is on again at Fantasy Book CafĂ©, and as always they have lots of good posts, discussions, and recommendations. Here's the first post for the month "Some Assembly Required: Recommendation lists for more inclusive fandom" by Renay of Lady Business.
  • A few year's back, a Kickstarter was run to fund a feminist speculative fiction anthology, charting the history of the genre. Ann and Jeff Vandermeer were tapped as editors, and the anthology is almost ready for release. "Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology" is now available for pre-order. I'm really looking forward to this anthology, not just because it's my thing, but because the Vandermeers have an excellent eye for detail and quality stories.
  • More anthology goodness. New Zealand publisher Paper Road Press has announced "At The Edge". Continuing the recent history of excellent antipodean anthologies like "A Foreign Country", "Regeneration", and "Tales for Canterbury" (Random Static), "At The Edge" is set to explore the liminal of New Zealand speculative fiction. It will be edited by Lee Murray and Dan Rabarts, and submissions are open until July 31.
  • More from Paper Road Press! Introducing their "Shortcuts" series. Get a taste of New Zealand speculative fiction with a series of novellas being released over the next six months. The novellas are available in e-book format for a small $NZ3.33 per month. The first novella is "Mika", by Lee Murray and Piper Meija.
  • Here's another venue I'm happy to see get Kickstarter funding and off the ground with lots of support. "Glittership" is an LBGTQ science fiction and fantasy podcast. They have big plans to be a reprint venue, and if they can reach their stretch goals they'll be able to do original fiction too. Go Go Glittership!
  • Is talking about feminist, queer, and local speculative fiction my response to the bullying, stacked Hugo ballot this year? Could be. Anywho, congratulations to deserving people like Ann Leckie, G. Willow Wilson (OMG I love "Ms Marvel"), Julie Dillon, Brian K Vaughan and Fiona Staples (OMG I love "Saga"), and the entire semi-prozine category (I love them all).

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