Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sale: "Gravity Well", Scigentasy Magazine, May 2015

I'm super stoked! My story "Gravity Well" will appear in the May issue of Scigentasy Magazine.

"Gravity Well" is my week 5 Clarion story, a weird flash piece celebration women astronauts real and on the page who have died to make our world a better place. And obituary, I guess you could say.

I had massive feelz around this story because it is so weird and for it's length it caused me a lot of angst writing and getting it perfect. Out of all my Clarion stories I thought it would be the one that wouldn't sell...and it was the first to!

I'm really pleased to finally have a piece appear in Scigentasy. They're a venue I have much respect for as they have a focus on gender and feminist speculative fiction.

The story will go live on Saturday the 2nd of May.

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