Monday, April 6, 2015

So This Happened...

I won Best New Talent at New Zealand's Sir Julius Vogel Awards 2015 last night.

This is the first award I've won for my writing (the X-Static FM Best Copywriter 1991 doesn't count coz it was a 7th form school ego-boo thing), so it has particular meaning. I'd like to say something meaningful and worthy about awards, but currently I can only come up with "Yay!"

Awards mean what you need them to mean. They're great for the CV. They're great because people are taking notice. They're also popularity contests which have always amused me - I disabused myself of the meritocracy of awards long ago.

But they also mean people care, one way or the other. I'm glad I have a little community of people here in New Zealand who care enough about me and my career that they'd nominate and vote for me. Thank you to the still anonymous person who wrote the nice nomination blurb for me. Thank you to everyone who voted for me. Thank you to my NZ team: Andi Buchanan, Liz Gatens, Cat Langford, Mark English, Paul Mannering, Lee Murray, Dan Rabarts, Debbie Cowens, Matt Cowens, Marie Hodgkinson, Helen Lowe. Thank you to Clarion UCSD. Thanks to all my incredible Clarion classmates. Thanks to my Clarion tutors Geoff Ryman, Gregory Frost, Cat Valente, Nora Jemisin, Jeff Vandermeer, and especially Ann Vandermeer who keeps checking in and cheerleading for me. Thanks to the editors who have taken a chance on me. Thanks to all the people who quietly cheer on the side lines (you know who you are). Thank you SpecFicNZ for their support. Thanks SFFANZ.

It's strange to say Best NEW Talent - I've been at this for five years now, and it's been a hard slog. But the only way is up. Here's to many more great writing years to come.

The Sir Julius Vogel Award Trophy,
a gold diamond shape inscribed with 
Maori and space motifs on a green base

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