Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A Quick Update, Four Years Later

Four years ago - FOUR YEARS - I wrote a blog post about a particular abuser in the SFF publishing industry.

Every now and then, anonymous people who have no interest in anything I do with my writing career find the blog post by searching. And they drop anonymous victim blaming comments and deny the accusations and actual legalities made known. You know, the usual people do when upholding status quo and patriarchal power structures.

I will say it AGAIN: from all that I have learned about abuse (physical, sexual, mental) in our society, I believe in and stand on the side of the abused. I do not tolerate victim blaming on this blog. I do not tolerate "Aw, but..." arguments. I do not tolerate projections of calling me a troll, when I am pointing to the lived experience of the victims. And I do not tolerate anonymous comments. It's right there in my comment policy. You will be deleted.

And really? That's the best you can do, hiding behind your keyboard on a four year old post on a minnow writer's blog? Such courage. Very asshole. Wow.

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