Sunday, August 19, 2018

Word Christchurch: Science Fiction, Triple Feature, Thursday August 30th

I'm gonna be speaking some of my words at Word Christchurch!

The New Regent Street Pop Up Festival is happening once more, and this year I'm hosting Science Fiction, Triple Feature at Rollickin' Gelato on New Regent Street, Christchurch, Thursday August 30th.

I'll be in the same room as Ted Chiang (!) and my Writers Lounge Lizard friend Karen Healey as we read from our work in three sets from 6pm. It's the perfect place to grab a dessert and enjoy modern speculative fiction.

And hey, ENORMOUS WILL SMITH DOT JPEG gesture at Ted Chiang. Author of "Story of Your Life" which became the movie "Arrival". The man is a modern master, you can't get better than his work. And I'll be on the same podium as him. GET OUT OF HERE.

And my pal Karen Healey is that hard working NZ YA author of "Guardian of the Dead", "When We Wake", and "While We Run". You'll find her everywhere on Word weekend, including interviewing Ted Chiang, Juno Dawson, and part of The Nerd Degree.

For more info on the Word Christchurch New Regent Street Pop Up Festival, here's the Word programme link, and here's the Facebook event link.

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