Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Five Rejections in One Week 1/3/2011

"Slingshot" rejected by ASIM, with feedback. Odd how the feedback I've got on this piece has been hot and cold - some people have liked it, some absolutely loathe it. Ah well *shrug*

"Tasty Maidens" rejected by Lorelei Signal by form latter.

"Tasty Maidens" (and again!) rejected by Short-Story.Me by form letter.

"Talk To Your Universe" rejected by Fantastique Unfettered by form letter.

Best rejection of the week comes from Redstone SF, who rejected "Me Myself I" with the most amazing feedback. They truly are a class act and make submitting there the most pleasant experience. I hope I can have something more suitable for them next time they open to submissions. They also asked what place I'd like them to make a donation to the earthquake appeal. Righteous, Redstone.

I'm getting so close with "Me Myself I" - it's agony the great feedback I'm getting on it. I'll find the right market for it, I'm sure!

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