Friday, March 18, 2011

Live Blogging Christchurch Memorial Day 18/03/2011

Today I am live blogging Christchurch Memorial Day for the New Zealand Herald.

"Lucky: It's a phrase I've been hearing a lot lately".

It's a rough, nervous time for me. Updates will happen throughout the day.

ETA: I've finished the live blogging, and I'm spent. Was grueling writing on the fly, but well worth the challenge. By the positive responses I'm getting, it seems like I've done ok. I'm sure there will come some critical comments, because that's The Herald readership.

But I'm proud of myself. Quite a surreal day really.


  1. Just read the Herald online. Damned fine writing. Love the photo! :-)

    You had me crying (again) through that. While it is important that people don't forget what has happened there, I was never convinced the memorial service was the best way to do it. Like others, it struck me that it was more for other people than those affected by the quake.

    And yes - so much for separation of church and State.

    It is important we don't forget what you are going through. Especially in light of all the other suffering going on. Especially in light of the "greater" disaster in Japan. For while the amount of damage and loss of life may be more than that suffered in Christchurch, some people here have lost everything.

    As I think I said to you (and Moata) elsewhere, I hope people can express to you just how incredibly important your writing is to all of us. It keeps alive that bright spark of love, of pain, of compassion we all felt in the darkest moments after the quake.

    Awwwww ..... hugs

  2. Amazing work hun. You did a really great job.